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TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013
TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013

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Edinburgh Canal Festival - 5th Annual Raft Race Sat 9 July 2011

 The good people of Edinburgh are industriously hatching engineering masterpieces in their well-organised workshops. Or not. They might procrastinate until Friday the 8th.

Either way, 32 teams will show off their floating masterpiece and their paddling prowess. Heats of 4 will decide the finalists, who'll race for the all-important 1st position, and the almost-as-important plate final.

The hotly contested Daftest Raft is a subject of debate this year: will the stag party who brought us the coveted bridal car make a come back? Will there be another hamster wheel? At this stage, the prize is wide open. Last year saw a renaissance in functional design, so this year the pundits are prediciting a welcome return in outlandish style.

As ever we will also be awarding a prize (hand carved toilet seat) for the most recyclable craft, a title currently held for two years by the Polystyrene Pirates / Milk Carton Crew.

Races will kick off a little later this year, allowing more time for those all-important last minute 'adjustments'. Action will be at the Leamington Bridge, aim to award prizes around 5pm.

Community run and not-for-profit, the event has a focus on making use of unlikely re-used materials.


12.00   Official Opening by Councillor Tim McKay - Edinburgh City Council's Canal Champion                     Flotilla arrives to piper Hamish Moore.

12.30   Raft Race Heats start                                                                                                                         Free Boat Trips start                                                                                                                         Lindsays Tollcross Drummers on Leamington                                                                                     Lift Bridge during the afternoon

13.00   Music from Carrie on Dancing

13.45   Canoe display                                                                                                                                   Music from For aw that Singers

14.15   Music from Shindiggery

14.45   Music from Father Jack

15.30   Canoe polo                                                                                                                                       Music from Halfway to Barra

16.00   Wee Boat Display                                                                                                                             Music from Ceilidh Caleerie

16.30   Raft Race Plate Final

16.45   Raft Race Grand Final

17.00   Presentation of Prizes

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