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TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013
TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013

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Singers' Session Returns!

Singers' Session is recommencing from Tuesday 14th December in the Royal Oak downstairs lounge.

In response to several suggestions, we are going to recommence having a monthly Singers' Session in the Royal Oak downstairs lounge (Infirmary Street, Edinburgh).

The first of these will be on Tuesday 14th December from 8pm until 11pm approx, and thereafter on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
No admission charge.

We shall run it for a few months to see what the response is, and if successful, hope to continue, except during the Festival Fringe, when the Lounge is in use every night for "Folk at the Oak".

The session will be primarily for singers, as there are plenty of instrumental and other mixed sessions elsewhere in town: it will not necessarily be exclusively unaccompanied: if singers wish to accompany themselves, or invite others present to do so, that is fine, but bear in mind the limited space in the venue for instruments as well as people! (No double basses please!)

When the branch first started up we always had a session after our Committee meetings, but in another venue with too much background noise: we hope that by using the Royal Oak's facilities we shall have our own space, and a more satisfactory ambiance.

Hope to see at least some of you there! Although it is near Christmas, carols are not mandatory!

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