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TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013
TMSA Newsletter Issue 1 2013

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Building Works at the National Office

It’s a little bit noisy in the National Office at the moment so if you give us a call about anything please don’t be offended if we’re shouting a bit at the other end of the phone! The Drill Hall, where the National Office is situated, is currently undergoing a programme of major building works and renovation.

The arts organisation Out of the Blue, who own the premises, are creating a second layer of studios above the space occupied by the TMSA. They are also expanding the building’s cafe kitchen into the room next to the TMSA office.

As a result, we have lots of workmen busily hammering, sawing and drilling (and occasionally dropping large objects) on the roof of our office and in the room directly next door. Caroline is now spending a large part of her working day wearing a fetching pair of orange ear defenders!
The worst of the noise and disruption should be over by mid February (fingers crossed) but we hope you’ll bear with us over the next few weeks.

For more information about Out of the Blue and the Drill Hall visit:

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