TMSA Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland

Queensferry Mini Folk Festival

30 September 2017

13:30 pm

Lodge 548 St Margaret

South Queensferry

 The Queensferry Mini Folk Festival will have the feel of a folk festival but on a smaller scale. It will be a family event, taking place from mid/late afternoon on a Saturday.

Queensferry Mini Folk Festival, Sat 30th Sept 4pm
- Huge variety of traditional music.
- Supported by Cala Homes and Edinburgh Council - supporting acts that haven't been seen in Queensferry before.
- Relaxed informal vibe. Don't just listen to the music. Chat, snack, and drink as well!
- "Friends you haven't met yet" - local people who share an interest in traditional music

Time: Saturday 30th September from 4pm to 8pm, with prior workshop from 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Headline acts will include Jamie Laval, U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, who captivates his audiences with passionate, virtuosic performances and engaging stories; Tunna, who perform an exciting mix of original and traditional tunes taking their audience across the genres; and Nick Jenkins, who plays intricate, fast, folk music on the fiddle.

There will be an additional chance for students to participate in a traditional music workshop led by Jamie Laval which will run immediately before the main event. All high school age instrumentalists are invited and this will be a unique opportunity for youth players to try their hand at traditional music.

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Lodge 548 St Margaret
3 Stoneycroft Road
South Queensferry
Edinburgh, City of
EH30 9HX

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